Wax Treatments

Lycon is a virtually pain-free waxing treatment, preferred by many over Warm Wax for Intimate and Facial Treatments.

Eyebrow Wax (Lycon£8
Upper Lip (Lycon) £7
Chin (Lycon) £7
Upper Lip and Chin (Lycon£9
Underarms (Lycon) £10
Forearm (Warm Wax) £10
Back (Warm Wax) £15
Bikini (Lycon)   £15
Narrow Bikini (Lycon) £19
Brazilian (Lycon)   £24
Hollywood (Lycon)   £28
½ Leg Wax (Warm Wax) £15
½ Leg Wax (Warm Wax) and Bikini (Lycon) £25
Full Leg Wax (Warm Wax) £20
Full Leg Wax (Warm Wax) and Bikini (Lycon) £30

Electrolysis Treatments

15 minute treatment£15
30 minute treatment£30